Monday, 11-12-2012


Monday, 11-12-2012

Monday strength set –  Cycle 3 of 3, Week 2 of 4
Deadlift 1×5
**Take 5 sets to work up to a 5 rep max, adding 5lbs/2.5lbs from your last lift
**These are not touch & go repetitions.  Re-set on each rep.
KB Swings 70/55
200m Row in between
Congrats Josh for taking 1st place in the 105+ at FRCF Weightlifting meet! He ended with a 248# snatch and a 327 Clean & Jerk!! Your hard work paid off!! We ARE PROUD!

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  1. Scott Bergeron

    Really nice work. I always learn so much from you. Mainly, how much dedication you put into it. Congratulations. Scott