Monday 10-17-2011


Monday 10-17-2011

Day 43 of Burpee Challenge!!

Amrap 15 mins:
1 Power Snatch 95/65
5 Box Jump 24/30″
Congrats to Shawn and Thomas at the Master’s Open at Front Range CrossFit this weekend! Thomas took 6th and Shawn 11th out of 37 men in the 35-39 age division.
Alpine 2.0’s OPEN HOUSE this Saturday!! BE THERE!!!! 2:00-????
There will be NO EVENING CLASSES this WEDS the 19th!!! Head over to CrossFit Unbroken for Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser.  “Grace” 30 C&Js for time.  Scaled for everyone!! Must register first here:
Double angel??? or Seabass attempting to get up but just rolling over!

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  1. DrDave

    OUTSTANDING WORK guys! You both went from the mid-20’s in the first round to in the top ten for each subsequent round! The trick was getting me away from the sidelines. One can only wonder how well you would have done if I hadn’t come at all.