Monday, 1-2-2012


Monday, 1-2-2012

DAY 1 of WHOLE 30!
30 Box jumps (Games style) 24″/20″
20 2-for-1 Wall balls  20/14
Bent over barbell rows 5×5
*Open competitors: Buy-in with 5 straight bar muscle-ups/skin-the-cats/ring pull-ups before starting the box jumps

Paleo pyrimid

DAY 1 of 30.  Congrats to all of you who have committed WHOLE FOOD for the next 30 DAYS!
– We plan (and hope) to continue to get questions about what is and is not allowed during this “challenge” so we will answer questions/checking-in with everyone during the first 5-10min of each class.  We can answer questions after class as well but we would prefer to talk about everything as a group because chances are you will also be answering another person’s question.  As always you can call, text, email, Facebook, send a pigeon, etc.
– This is not technically a “challenge.”  There is no 1st or 2nd place, awards given, or penalty for failure.  We are just trying to inspire you to experience the benefits of true paleolithic eating.  Your award will be how well you look, feel, and perform after 30 days.
– We are not requiring you to weigh and measure your food and we also are not requiring any food logs.  However, if you would like to log and have your coaches take a look please feel free!
– We have a detailed hand-out at the gym on what foods are “allowed.”  DO NOT focus on what you can’t eat, DO instead focus on the great foods that are available to you.
Trish has already done a phenomenal job getting everyone motivated for this, sign-ed up, committed, and providing educational materials, tips, recipes, and encouragement.  Be sure to say thank you to her!!!!
Most people have probably stopped reading now but I wanted to tell my story with eating Paleo because its probably very similar to where most of you are right now. When I started CrossFitting, I ate your typical “clean” diet which included oatmeal, rice, beans, whole grains, and little to no dairy.  My intake was around 60% carbohydrate, 30% protein, 10% fat.  Sound familiar?  Well I learned ALL about the benefits of this “performance diet” during my college courses, from coaches, sports (triathlon, soccer, skiing), and wherever I looked online or in magazines for info.  Thus, its no surprise that I shrugged off the idea of eating Paleolithic several times from other CrossFitters or when I saw articles on the mainsite.  I knew what I was doing, I was a Kinesiologist and collegiate athlete!!  I would seriously throw a fit when someone approached me with eating Paleo – I thought it was crazy, lacked credibility, was not scientifically based or properly nutritious. I wanted to see research (which basically is just a smoke-screen for anyone to hide behind).  You understanding my stance?!?
I was finally enlightened at my CrossFit Level 1 certification where my 6min Fran was pulverized by many other athletes.  After speaking with a couple of the Level 1 instructors and athletes at the cert, they 100% had me convinced that it was my food intake that was slowing me down.  Done.  I was in and started making changes the next day.  I immediately cut out all bread and rice and almost all starches. 
The first 2 weeks SUCKED!  I felt like I could never get full from a Paleo meal.  I ate the world’s biggest salad at lunch but my body always wanted more.  I was even losing weight (not something I wanted on a very lean frame). I found that my mind/body was completely insulin dependent and hormonally haywire from all the crap I had been eating for so long. 
My cravings slowly subsided and two weeks later I found myself in a WOD I had done 2-3 times before.  I was at the end of round 3 and had 2 more rounds to go.  At this point, I previously would have to stop and rest and “catch my breathe.”  Instead I charged through the next set of wall balls and decreased my time on “Kelly” by at least 20%.  Weird thing was that it almost felt “easy”.  My lifts were increasing and I started putting on  muscle because my body could finally absorb food properly.  A few months later I hit a 3:57 Fran.  Damn…the shit was working!
Since this experience, Paleolithic eating has become a HUGE factor in my life.  I hate to be cliche but it has seriously changed my life. I would say I feel, look, and perform better now and no longer have the day-to-day energy or psychological ups and downs I once had.  The increased energy has even helped me build the awesome walls around us at Alpine. 
My advice for the next 30 days…..Don’t make this hard.  It’s not meant to be and if you plan properly, this is super easy.  I’m a bachelor who could hardly figure out mac n cheese and now I eat about 90% Paleo.  I call it “Bach-leo” (thanks Dre).  Its as simple as a protein (lean meat), fat (nuts, avocado, oils), and carb (lots of veggies, some fruit, or little starch) at every meal. 
YOU CAN DO THIS.  Your are surrounded by positive people who truly want the best for you.  Ask questions, encourage the hell out of each other, and learn something about yourself.  BECOME A BETTER ATHLETE AND PERSON IN THESE NEXT 30 DAYS!

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