March 2nd, 2017


March 2nd, 2017

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit


Relay/Running Drills: Perform each of the Following Exercises 1 Length of the Workout Space

-Knee Hugs/Quad Pulls

-High Knee’s/Butt Kicks

-Side Shuffle (L/R)

– Inch-Worms/Bear Crawls

– Side Lunge/ Toy Soldiers

Hips/Midline Primer: 3 Rounds

10 Single Leg Glute Bridge ea. Leg

10 Hollow Body Rocks

10 Supermans

Strength (not for time)

Perform 4 Rounds of the Following For Quality:

A1) Sandbag Hug Step-Ups x 20

-Rest 60s

A2) 6 Plate Wood-Choppers (Front, Left, Right= 1)

-Rest 60s


Accumulate 2 Minutes Wall Sit

Accumulate 2 Minutes Wtd. Plank

Cash Out

10 Minute Row or AD at 70% Pace