*Holiday Weightlifting Meet Results* Monday, 12-14-2015


*Holiday Weightlifting Meet Results* Monday, 12-14-2015

Click Here for the 2015 Holiday Weightlifting Meet RESULTS

Quick recap of our 2015 Meet along with what I added from last year HERE.

  1. Once again, our volunteers were incredible.  Y’all are STUDS!!  The event cannot happen without you.  Shout out to a strong rep and work ethic by the 5:30am crew & our bar loaders – third consecutive year of no bar misloading….I even saw a couple misloads at the American Open this year. Props crew.
  2. This event has become a testament that people are getting strong and that CrossFitters are are becoming more competitive in the sport of Weightlifting.  I announced this during Session #4 – in 2011 & 2012 combined we had five Men’s Clean & Jerk attempts over 300lbs/137kg. This past Saturday, we probably had 25+ attempts.  Incredible!  I don’t know the Women’s numbers off the top of my head but I would expect a similar increase above 75-80kg from 2012-2015, for example.
  3. The Women were so close to out numbering the Men this year (26:30) which is AWESOME.
  4. This was the first year our meet did not overlap with the American Open.  We plan to keep it that way for future years. We had three athletes that I know of (Devoney Cooke, Stephen Butcher, Tommy Flanagan) who competed last week at the AO and also at our event. There were also another 5 lifters at the 2015 meet who are AO caliber and I would expect to qualify in 2016.  Go get those USAW memberships, ladies & gents!!
  5. We welcomed back our 2013 champion and professional NPGL athlete, Jared Enderton, who put on a National/World Class performance in Session #4. Such a great show for everyone!!  Thank you again for lifting with us, Jared.
  6. Oh and by request of Stephen & Jared, we broke the approach-the-bar-pin-drop-silence with some soooothing Metalica.  We may play some music in the background for future years too (by athlete request).
  7. And Jen Stack, you’re absolutely the funniest person every person at the meet has ever met.  Period. =)

Thank you again everyone for your support of this event.  We appreciate you and see you in 2016!!


 Workout of the Day
Back Squat
1×3 @ 70%
1×3 @ 80%
1×3+ @ 90%
*The final set is a max effort set at 90% of your working 1RM Back Squat.  
For Time:
7 Muscle-ups (14 strict pull-ups)
14 Handstand Push-ups (sub 4 wall walks)
21 Lateral Barbell Hops (over & back = 1 rep)
28 Shoulders to Overhead 135/95
21 Lateral Barbell Hops
14 Handstand Push-ups
7 Muscle-ups
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.