How to Get Fit in Denver

Did you know that Colorado has the lowest level of obesity in the country? Colorado is home to seven of the healthiest communities in the country, as well. We also sit near the top of many state health and wellness lists, including most active, longest life expectancy, and lowest hypertension and diabetes rates. If you are interested in getting fit in Denver, Colorado, there are many ways to do it.

How to get fit in Denver

  1. Ride a bike. First, instead of driving everywhere, consider riding a bike. Denver has a vast network of biking paths, meaning you can spend your whole day riding without going anywhere near busy traffic. These convenient bike paths make biking a safe and enjoyable way to stay active.
  2. Take a hike. Next, there is no shortage of locations to take a hike, literally. Many people try to separate recreational walking from serious exercise, but the benefits are the same. A leisurely walk can regulate blood pressure, improve bone health, and stabilize blood sugar.
  3. Join a gym. Finally, whether you are not much of an outdoors person or you like to have a backup plan, joining a gym is another way to stay fit in the Denver, Colorado area. While you can always walk outside, on rainy days, you may enjoy the temperature-controlled environment of a fitness gym.

With scenic trails and a bike network, Denver, Colorado makes it easy to stay fit, leaving you with no excuse not to get outside and enjoy the warming temperatures.  However, on rainy days, you may want a backup plan that allows you to stay on your fitness journey without being outside in the elements. For those days, it’s important to have a gym you feel comfortable in. Alpine CrossFit is a versatile and welcoming gym. Our team of personal trainers can help you develop and stick to a personal training plan so you can look and feel your best for the summer months.