Holiday In-House Comp!


Holiday In-House Comp!

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Please arrive as early as you can today to get an adequate warm-up in!

Also, please remember to bring a dish tonight and cash if you want to avoid a 3% processing fee 🙂


Hit this general warm-up about 20-30 min before your heat time, then a more WOD specific warm-up about 10 min before your heat time

Generic Warm-up w/ hip activation (No Measure)

: 30 Walking High Knee Karaoke (Right)

: 30 Walking High Knee Karaoke (Left)

:30 Walking Forward Hurdle Drill

:30 Walking Knee Hugs

:30 Walking Cradle Pulls

:30 Walk outs

:30 sumo squat


10 Lateral Monster walk steps + 10 squats @22×1


2018 Holiday Sprint (Time)

21, 15, 9


-Assault Bike Cals
Rx: (225/155)

Masters: (155/105)

Teens: (135/95)

Youth: 15-9-6

-DL (1/2 Body Weight)

-Burpees over bar

2018 Holiday Weightlifting (Weight)

9 min to establish max weight unbroken complex:

-9 Hang power cleans

-6 Shoulder to Overhead

2018 Holiday Chipper (Time)

80 Alt DB Snatch (50/35)

60 Box Jumps

40 Pull-ups

Time cap is 12 min. Add one sec for every rep you have left


DB Snatch (35/25)

Box jumps to 20″, step-ups are accepted

Open Standard Jumping Pull-ups

Hand release push-ups


Db Snatch (25/15)

Box Jumps (20 inches) Step overs accepted

Open Standard Jumping Pull-ups

Wall walks (chest to wall)