Happy Birthday Chad M! Wednesday, 3-27-2013


Happy Birthday Chad M! Wednesday, 3-27-2013

And for your birthday you get…..WOD 13.4! 🙂  Happy birthday Chad!
You’re 45 today right??! 🙂
3 Rounds – 45 seconds on/15 seconds off – total reps of
Hang Power Snatch 95/65
Battle Ropes – 2 handed overhead slam
Plate burpees 35/25
10m Shuttle run
GHD Sit-ups or sub MB weighted sit-ups (touch behind head, touch between feet)

What Is Someone Like Me Doing In The Open?

“I don’t hope, need or want to be at the top of any leader board. I just want to get better, stronger, faster, more agile and more able so that I can enjoy the best of this one life that I have for as long as I can, and participating in the Open moves me in that direction.”

Worth the read!  Great peice on the Open, please check it out!

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  1. Emily

    Love that blog post! I saw it on Facebook a few days ago and there is so much truth to it! I am so glad I got signed up for the open – like Crossfit in general, it pushes me outside my comfort zone and makes me surprise myself at what I can do (and gives me great knowledge of where I could use some improvrment).

    1. robbyz

      I first read this as “I love stalions” and I thought “the birthday boy is married” haha jk 🙂