GOOD LUCK JOSH!! Thursday, 11-8-2012


GOOD LUCK JOSH!! Thursday, 11-8-2012

Thursday strength cycle
Squat Snatch 5×3 adding 5lbs/2.5lbs  OR  Close Grip Bench Press 3×5 adding 2.5lbs/1.5lbs
Overhead Press 3-3-3-3


A big GOOD LUCK to Josh Stavnes who is competing this Sunday in the USAW Weightlifting Championships at Front Range CrossFit!!  He will check-in and warm-up starting at 1:00pm and his first lift will start at 3:00pm.  A weightlifting event consists of three attempts at a 1RM Snatch followed by three attempts at a 1RM Clean and Jerk.  Its quite a spectacle if you have never been to one of these.  Its very inspiring to watch! I know a few of us are planning to go down to FRCF and cheer Josh on so please come join us.
For a good laugh watch this video: Fun with Josh at Alpine
Also don’t forget that we are hosting a weightlifting event of our own on Dec 15th and registration is now open – The ACF Holiday Weightlifting Meet.

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  1. robbyz

    Also I know Josh is still dialing in his opening lifts but they will be something absurd around 110kg Snatch and 140kg Clean and Jerk. #BIGMONEY