Friday, December 29th: CrossFit


Friday, December 29th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit



Full Body Warm-up C (No Measure)

“Rowling” 8 Rounds

Land exactly on 100m

For every 1 meter you are off +/- then do 1 burpee

3-way Overhead band stretch :30 Seconds per stretch

Hamstring Flossing :90 seconds each leg

Muscle-Up Gymnastics Warm-Up (No Measure)

3 Rounds

10 Hollow Body Rocks w/ MB

10 Supermans

15s Tabletop Position Hold

10 MB Bent-Over Row

10 Walk-Outs with Rotation ea. Direction

Skill Work:

Metcon (No Measure)

Muscle Up Kip & Transition Work: 10-15 Minute

Part 1: Build Up Kips

-Building Sets of 3 BIG Kips on the Rings. Focus on Maintaining a Hollow Body as your hips rise toward the rings. 5 Working Sets

Part 2: Muscle-Up Transition (Band Assisted)

-Set your rings with a Band to support banded MU transitions. Start with a heavier band to work the proper turn-over and catch position. Progress to a lighter band every 6-8 repetitions or as you become more comfortable & secure in your skill. Total of 25 repetitions.


Metcon (Time)

Row 2K For Time

-EMOM = 6 Hand-Release Push-Ups

Cool Down


Extra Gains

Get ready for the final WOD of 2017 tomorrow morning!