Friday, December 21st: CrossFit


Friday, December 21st: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Holiday Weekend! If you’re travelling, be safe! If not, we hope you join us for 12 Days of Christmas WOD on Monday!


General: Team AB Foam Roller Challenge (2 at a time on AB):

Athletes will face off and see who can get their bikes air flow to push the Foam Roller into the other teams bike. If a team loses, they can switch their order for the next round. Orders must be established before the first round and can only change if the team loses.

Specific: Accumulate 15 in this order:

-1 Box Push-Up + 1 Air Squat + 1 Step-Over


-3 Ronds:

CrossOver External Rotations (At Neutral/Across Chest) x 8 ea.


Technical Review: Assault Bike

-Equal pressure v. alternating pressure (legs)

Alpine Lactate Revenge (Time)

For Time:

150/120 Assault Bike Calories

Part 1: Athletes will have a 3:00 AMRAP of Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

then a 1:00 Rest.

Part 2: Subtract the number of BBJO that you got from the total number of AB Cals. That number is now the number of Calories you must bike before the workout is done.

**Your time is the time that is on the clock. We are not subtracting the 3 min AMRAP or the 1 minute Rest.**

**The number of BBJO they accomplish will be removed from their overall number of Calories. Example: A athlete gets 30 BBJO in 3:00, when they start their Assault Bike, they will only have 120/90 left over. **
Performance: Alternating until 150/120 Total Repetitions:

60s Burpee

60s Assault Bike

Cool Down

3-5:00 Athlete’s Choice of DEEP Stretching (Take more time if you need )