Friday, December 1st: CrossFit


Friday, December 1st: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit


Welcome to December! We have a lot going on this month so be sure to check the Announcements & Schedule Board behind the main desk!


Upper Body Warm-up B (No Measure)

60 seconds of Pass Throughs and Around-the-Worlds

45 seconds of Good Mornings

45 seconds of Overhead Alternating Lunge w Stretch

60 seconds of SLOW Push-Ups


Banded Lateral Opener x 30-60s ea. Arm

Skill Work:

Muscle-Up Transition on Boxes:

These can be modified with feet assist or negative tempos.

Strength (not for time)

3 Rounds; 20s Rest b/w Statoins & 60s Rest after A3

A1: Dumbbell Snatch (12-12-12)

Alternating Each Repetition

A2: Landmine Floor to Overhead Rotations (8-8-8)

Start with mobile end of barbell on one side of the body. In a raising and rotating motion, bring to overhead & out in front of body in an athletic stance. Then return to opposite side of the body all the way to the floor.

A3: Glute Hip Bridges (12-12-12)

Banded Hip Thrusts: Ends of band are around the bottoms of your feet. The Band wraps up and around the front of your hips.


Metcon (Time)

For Time

50/30 Cal AB

20 Single Arm OH Lunge (10 ea. Arm; 50/35)

100′ Stone Carry Walk (1 Lap Around the Rig; 115/75)

Cool Down

Metcon (No Measure)

Cool-Down Series:

60s Cobra/Sphynx Stretch

30s Scorpion Stretch ea. Side

Forward Fold x 60s

Extra Gains