Friday, 9-30-2011


Friday, 9-30-2011

Day 26 of Burpee Challenge!!

Amrap 12 minute:
3 Power Clean @ 75% BW
5 Burpees
Sorry folks.  These WOD burpees do not count toward your 26 today!
Soon, D’Angelo will be swingin the same KB as Galo…. Soon…

3 Responses

  1. DrDave

    Hello from NYC! Just did Filthy Fifty at Crossfit NYC. Rx’d it except 20″ jump. 39:58. Nice thing is I got yesterday’s and today’s burpees out of the way. But the real reason I’m writing is that these guys raised $30,000 for FGB6! We’ve got to step it up next year. This is I big box, about 300 members, but still that’s $100 bucks a member. We can do better than that!

  2. Manisha Haywood

    Nice job Dave! See u at Alpine soon! I would like a small girls tshirt from CrossfitNYC if u can get it! Will pay for it. Thanks