Friday, 9-23-2011


Friday, 9-23-2011

Only one class tomorrow at 8:30am
Snatch pulls 5×5
Snatch  95/65
Barbell facing burpee

DUCK!!!!!! Jen was on a tire rampage during one of our last days at Alpine 1.0

Today I am off to Portillo, Chile with my Dad to ski and train with the US Ski Team.  HOLLA! 
Learn about how we get to go on this trip in this article .  Warren Miller Entertainment has also produced a TV show on the event.  It was filmed 2 years ago and was played on Universal Sports before the Vancouver Olympics.  Its a 4-part episode.  Check it out here
While I’m in Chile I will be blogging daily about our experiences with the US Ski Team right here on our site. T-Pain will be updating the site each evening next week with our usual WODs and daily blogs, photos, videos, and info.  I will also be jumping in once each day to talk about how ROUGH of a time I’m having haha.  The blogging is for all of you Alpine CrossFit freaks to follow and also for the Nature Valley and NASTAR fans and all of the skiers out there who want to check out our experiences with the USST too!
Also my Dad will be keeping a blog on the NASTAR site here.  I will be sure to have a link to it each time I post on our site.
Please feel free to comment, ask questions, etc on both of our blogs!
I’m coaching the 530am, 630am, and 830am classes on Friday then I’m out!  See you guys back at the gym on Monday Oct 3rd!  Have a kick ass week everyone!!

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