Friday 8-9-2012


Friday 8-9-2012

AMRAP 3:00 x 5 rounds
3 Power Snatch 115/75
6 Push up
9 Air Squat
rest 1 minute between 3:00 rounds
A letter we received from beautiful, strong Jennifer:

One year ago I started down a path to better my health thanks to the three of you… Thank You, for I am sure you all added years to my life.

Dean, we have known each other for a long damn time and certainly have come a long way from drinking and dancing in Boulder wearing black leather jackets.. I thought you were crazy when you started CrossFit and Paleo. Although you were trying to get Tim to start CrossFit, you kept telling me I could do it too. I chuckled and said you were nuts, as I just could not do what you do. You were a persistent friend and although you never hounded me, CrossFit usually came up in the conversation. Then you told me there is a box close to my house and you know the owner and he is a great guy… You encouraged me to go and “Just Walk Through the Door”.. A saying that has stayed with me to this day. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… Without your continued insistence that I could do CrossFit, I NEVER would have started down this path.

Robby, you invited me into your box with open arms, a great big smile and youtold me I could do this. You did not turn me away, even when it was clear I had a lot to do to become fit. Thank you. When I did my first foundation WOD, you kept modifying it so I could successfully complete it. You told me I did great and that I would get better. You checked on me because you knew I would be sore. You encouraged me to return and you showed me I had already improved. You gave me modifications so I could succeed every time I came to Alpine. Thank You. Without those simple changes I would not have continued. Without you showing me I could do this, I would not have. Thank you for challenging me to squat lower, lift heavier and move faster. Thank you for opening Alpine and creating such a great environment.Trish, I have to say I was not a fan of that darn camera of yours. Did not want any pictures of me a year ago, but now I am glad you got to take a few pictures to show me where I was. You are a fireball of strength and energy who motivates so many people. As I get better, you know when things get too easy for me and then you make them harder. Thank you. You tell me I am shrinking, Thank You, because I don’t see it. You suggest ways to improve my nutrition to which I see great results. You are there rain, snow or sunshine at 5:30am to get us moving. Thank You. There are times when I don’t think I can go further or do more, and you firmly tell me I can, and then I do.. Thank you. Without your belief in me and your encouraging words, I would not realize what I can do.

I included a before and after picture.   It is the best I could do  because I really did not like to have my picture taken before.   The before picture was taken the last week of March 2011, the after picture was taken June 14th (my one year mark).   Not the greatest picture of me, but I wanted to keep it as close to the “before” picture as I could..   I kept some of my old clothes and as you can see, that shirt is huge on me now.

Also included is a  spreadsheet with my “then and now” stats and thoughts.   Kind of geeky I know, but interesting info to me.

Again…. THANK YOU…  all three of you.   I am very lucky you are all a part of my life.    On top of all you have done for me, Tim and Monika have joined in the fun and their health is improving as well.  Another thing I am very grateful for.

Of course I am continuing my efforts, as I have lots more to do.   We will see where I am at next year!!


I have to say I have cried numerous times reading this letter. Jennifer has brought such a positive and energetic attitude from day one. I have been in awe of her ever since we met. I call her the amazing shrinking woman. Each week she’s a new person! New as in smaller, yes, but standing taller, stronger & more confident in her strength and ability. Jennifer is an athlete in every sense. She has taken her journey seriously from her nutrition, sleep, and fitness. An example to everyone who CrossFits and everyone who doesn’t. SHE is the epitome of why I coach, why I get up at 4:00am, and why I LOVE what I do.  Thank you Jennifer for all that you have done not only for yourself, Alpine but also for me.  ~Trish

4 Responses

  1. Holly

    Wow, so powerful! Great job to Jennifer and the individuals mentioned above. Congrats on what you have accomplished and here’s to much more! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lily

    YOU are the exact example of people who can, will, and do change when challenged and willing! You’ve had a great team supporting you and cheering you on; however, you’ve been the one to make the choice day in and day out to be healthy! Kudos to you and your family, you’re rockin’ it!!!

  3. Jennifer, I am so proud of what you, Tim, Monika & Andrew have done for the Alpine community.. Not only do you all walk the walk, you show everyone outside of crossfit that this is truly for everyone, and not just the young and already “fit”. This is a daily journey for those of us who know it as life changing.

    You all are also some of the most dedicated volunteers for all the competitions, graphic designs, and numerous other tough, often nnoticed tasks that have to get done.

    I’m proud to know all of you and consider you all friends. You look terrific and I have only one bitch about you; you get up and WOD too damn early so I haven’t got to workout with you yet. Maybe I’ll get a little less lazy and show up one morning. Scott “former big guy” Bergeron