Friday, 7-6-2012


Friday, 7-6-2012

Registration is now open for the 2012 Warrior CF Competition on August 18th!
Saturday’s schedule:
8:00am class: Alpine only
9:00am class: Alpine and free class to public
9:00am Foundations
9:00-11:00am Open Gym Saturday Challenge WOD
15min AMRAP
4 Muscle ups
6 KB Single Arm Clean and Jerks 70/45
100m Run
Modification options for today:
4 Skin the cats or 16 toes through rings
6 DB or KB Single Arm Clean and Jerks
100m Run
Really inspiring video from CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach ““I like to say we’re ‘the 98 percent,’” owner Karen Candia says. “When you really think about the CrossFit Games, there’s only a small percentage of the population that’s ever going to get there.”

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    1. robbyz

      I changed “tomorrow’s” schedule to “Saturday”…whoops…that should be less confusing now