Friday, 6-7-2013


Friday, 6-7-2013

BBQ Sunday after Open Gym!  Will start at 11:00am and run for about 3 hours.  We will provide utensils, plates, condiments and some chicken and sausage.  Please bring a side, meat, and/or drinks to share.  Kirk is bringing us some wild game too and Mike D is bringing a portable DJ system AND a photo booth!!  Please bring some lawn games too.  Friends and family welcome!
Workout of the Day
Three sets of 60sec Handstand holds – nose and toes only touching wall
Ten Rounds For Max Reps:
60sec AMRAP Bear Complex 135/95
60sec Rest
*Bear Complex = Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Press
*This is a non-strict Bear Complex (ie squat clean thruster & jerks allowed)
Post WOD cookie:
3×20 GHD Sit-ups
Olympic Lifting
Snatch 1×3 1×3 1x3x2
Clean & Jerk 1×4 1×4 1×4 1x3x2
Overhead Squat 1×20 1×20 1×20
Bench Press 1×5 1×5 1×2 1x4x3
GHD Sit ups 4×25
Good Mornings 5×5
Zach has silently become a CrossFit juggernaut in the wee hours of the morning classes.  Not only is he Rx-ing some WODs now but a couple weeks ago he ran his first half marathon!!  He trained for it with mostly CrossFit at Alpine and a little supplemental running on the side.  Congrats Zach!!
Have some rad photos?  Please send photos of you getting your fitness on this summer – we want to brag about you!

2 Responses

  1. Wade Vogt

    What is the schedule for tomorrow morning? Is it gymnastics at 5280, or the regular Alpine classes?

  2. robbyz

    Shoot, Wade we didn’t get the Gymnastics class organized for tomorrow. Sorry about the late notice. They will still have the 800am class at 5280 if you are/plan to drop in. We will organize it in the future weeks