Friday, 6-22-2012


Friday, 6-22-2012

Speed deadlifts with bands   8×3 @ 65%
For time:
400m Walking lunge
Feel the burn baby feel the burn!! Great day to break out the weight vests too
DON’T FORGET!! MAT CLEANING TONIGHT AND TOMORROW MORNING! Bring a rag and a scrub brush if you have!! If we all scrub two mats, it will take each of us 5 minutes vs. one person dayssssssssss…..!  Let’s clean OUR gym!! Thanks!
Here’s another blog from Anna Fisher, RD.  Please post to comments if you have questions for her.  Watch a  5min video to learn more about here company too:
Thank you Anna and enjoy everyone!!!

So what I want to talk about today is cleansing.  I am a huge fan of cleansing and have been doing it for years and years.  I can tell when my body needs a cleanse just by the way I feel.  What I’m talking about is an internal cleanse, not a shower; I do those more frequently than a couple times a year.  Life is full of stress and pollutants that contribute to a build-up of toxins in our body.  The food we eat is covered in pesticides and herbicides.  The lotions, soaps, and body products we use are likely full of chemicals.  If you want to see how the body products you use rate on a scale of 1-10 for cancer risk, check out this amazing website:
Exercise is great way to constantly maintain a certain level of cleansing in the body, but I believe a few times a year we need a little help.  An internal cleanse is more than just a colon cleanse.  Depending on how you choose to cleanse whether it is by a kit, restricting to only certain types of food, or fasting, it can affect you differently.  Personally I am a big fan of cleansing kits.  My favorite brand out of all the ones I have tried is Yerba Prima.  They make a men’s version and a women’s version and sell it at Vitamin Cottage for about 25$.  I like it because it combines 35 cleansing and vitalizing nutrients from various healing traditions.  It is easy to follow and I have always noticed a difference with this kit.  It contains a blend of herbs to cleanse your colon, liver, blood, kidneys, lymphatic system, and supports digestive health, immune system, and hormone balance.
One of the main benefits of cleansing is an elimination of constipation and build-up in our intestines.  The Paleo diet is high in meat which is one of those foods that can contribute to constipation and colon build-up.  Ideally you would be eating a lot of fiber too in your vegetable intake, but sometimes our bodies can get off kilter.  Oh, and if you think intestinal parasites only happen to people in third world countries, think again; they are more common than you think.  Regular colon cleansing helps to remove undigested waste that can build up in our intestines as well as the hardened fecal matter that is blocking the passageway of the colon.    By doing this the villi in our intestines (little finger-like projections that catch and absorb nutrients in our intestines) are healthier (think fluffier and not as bogged down) and able to absorb more of the nutrients flowing through our digestive tract.  This is important because if we don’t have a healthy digestive tract, we are not getting all the nutrients from our food.  Weight loss often occurs on a cleanse.  This can be due to multiple reasons from removal of toxins which are stored in our fat, removal of excess fecal matter, and just a better functioning system over all.  Many people report that it clears up their skin and I have to agree.  Some people even experience better concentration.
When starting your cleanse start slow and follow the box’s instructions.  If you are experiencing major diarrhea, back off a little and slow it down.  You should expect to be going to the bathroom more frequently, but not an uncontrollable amount.  There is a good chance that you will feel like crap for the first week.  Feeling tired, lethargic, and overall crappy is normal.  Your body is ridding itself of a bunch of toxins all at once…it makes sense that your body will react.  After 4 days to a week you will begin to feel better.  Everyone experiences something different.  I feel great after the first week and notice weight loss beginning and my skin improving.  I tend to have more energy also.
Taking a cleansing kit is not the only way you can cleanse.  You can choose to cleanse with your food.  A raw food cleanse is also very effective.  Basically you only eat raw fruit, nuts, and vegetables.  If you want to include some meats you could do that too but the majority of your diet, for optimum cleansing should be about 80-90% raw food.  You should notice the same type of results.
I am not a fan of long fasting cleanses as it totally screws up your metabolic engine and can actually cause your metabolism to decrease over time.  If you are going to do intermittent fasting, I would limit it to 12-14 hours.
I will be the first to admit that there is scientific evidence lacking about the effectiveness of cleansing.  Nutrition research is changing and discovering things at such a rapid rate.  It’s one of those things where if you do it and you feel great, that’s all the convincing you should need.  We don’t always need a scientific journal to tell us what works, just listen to your body.
I like a cleanse to last anywhere from 3 weeks to over a month, about 2 times a year.  A three day or week long cleanse is not going to be very effective.  I’ve recently self-internet diagnosed myself with gallstones…doctors just love people like me right Dr. Dave ;).  But I’m going to be trying an alternative gallbladder/liver cleanse that I have heard from many people works wonders.  So, as inappropriately personal as it may be I’ll keep you updated on my cleanse and let you know how it goes.  Hey if it works, it certainly beats surgery.

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  1. robbyz

    Great info Anna! I have never really warmed up to cleanses because I thought it was a good excuse for people to eat poor foods, do a cleanse, and then continue to eat poor foods because they are “clean” now. I always thought eating Paleo was a cleanse in itself but its interesting to hear that the high meat content may cause some issues as well. I think I am going to give it a shot starting next week! When in Rome…

    Haha thanks Anna!

  2. DrDave

    Remember we only have 4 bathroom in the box. Perhaps we should stagger the cleanses? Just a though