Friday, 5-10-2013


Friday, 5-10-2013

If you haven’t already, check out the 2013 Regional WODs which were announced earlier this week.  What do you think?!? Oh and we will be doing one of these Saturday which will be scaled to all fitness levels so don’t miss it!  Which one do you think we will do?? Post to comments!
2min AMRAP – Rope Climbs
2min Rest
Five Rounds For Time:
20 KB Swings 55/35
5 Sandbag Get-ups 64/48
2min Rest after completion of the 5th round then,
2min AMRAP – Rope Climbs
**Two scores: one for time completed for the couplet and the other is for total number of rope climbs completed.
Alright y’all!! Here are the details for the Juli Bauer-PaleOMG recipe cook-off!!
1:00-1:30pm: contestants will set up their food
1:30-2:30pm: Judges will taste all recipes
2:30pm-3:00pm Judges will convene and vote
3:30pm: Crowning of the best tasting recipe!
Everyone who is participating is welcome to bring ONE recipe. All recipes MUST come from Juli Bauer’s website [] or cookbook [if you already have it].
There will likely be duplicates of recipes so if the duplicates taste similar the tiebreaker will be based on presentation- make it look AMAZING too!
*PLEASE only Alpine CrossFit members competing.
There will be 4 judges, two guys and two gals to make it even. These include me [Lily], Robby, Janet Shaver [a guest judge and fellow CrossFitter from MBS!] and Coach JC.
To ensure fairness, the food will be set up while judges are in another room so we do not see who brought what and it will all be based purely on taste [and presentation if a tiebreaker is needed].
Please bring enough for4 judges to taste and plenty to share with everyone. We figure everyone should enjoy the incredible cooking too! Once the judges have tried all dishes, the food will be opened up for everyone to dig in!PRIZE: First place winner will get a copy of Juli’s brand new published cookbook “OMG-That’s Paleo?!”
Juli has so graciously donated a copy just for this fun event!

This event is truly for fun! We love getting our awesome community together and why not for food and to celebrate our dear friend’s huge milestone!

Here are some last minute reminders:
It MUST be a recipe found on Juli Bauer’s blog that SHE created.
Only ONE dish per participant
Please make enough for 4 judges and for sharing with others.
Please bring any serving utensils and serving dishes needed.
Presentation is the tie breaker for multiples of dishes so make it look awesome too!
Set up time is at 1 and we will start tasting at 1:30.

*If you do not win the autographed copy, don’t fret, we have 10 additional copies on sale for $25!

Any questions send them our way and be sure to sign up on the board so we can set up enough table space for all recipes.

Thanks everyone, we are so excited, hope you all are too!
See you Saturday!

The one and only, Juli Bauer, even dropped by Alpine last week to drop off copies of her book!  They will be available for purchase for $25 at Alpine during Saturday's event.  Cash only please thank you!
The one and only, Juli Bauer, even dropped by Alpine last week to drop off copies of her book! They will be available for purchase for $25 at Alpine during Saturday’s event. Grab one and get your Paleo feast on!  Cash only please.

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  1. Emily

    For Saturday …. I like workout 6 (although 50 HSPU would be rough) but I’m guessing workout 4.

  2. RZ

    Hmmm good guesses and someone may have it. Anymore guesses? What do you all think of the regional WODs?!