Friday, 5-10-2012


Friday, 5-10-2012

“Goat WOD”
15min AMRAP
Movement X
Movement Y
Movement Z
Goats = weaknesses which you must eliminate to become a better CrossFit athlete.
Before you choose the movements you would like to work on, tomorrow’s movements are: heavy deadlift, muscle ups, toes to bar, wall balls, farmer’s carries, burpee box jumps and snatch ladder with double unders.
Saturday schedule:
8:00am 2012 Regional Team WOD #6
9:00am  “Kelly”  (There is rain in the forecast so if its muddy we will do a row or indoor run instead of the 400m outdoor run.)
10:00am  2012 Regional Individual WOD #5 (Snatch ladder)
Please check yesterday’s post and make your suggestions now!

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  1. Anonymous Non-Rhonda Person

    strength/Oly/Endurance/competitor specialty classes… All this sounds good to me, especially Oly and competitor specialty classes!!

    1. RobbyZ

      Lol….Non Rhonda!
      What times would you/everyone prefer for these classes? Saturdays at 7am and 10am are options. 6pm during the week? Respond with what you think….

        1. Anonymous Non-Rhonda Person

          I kinda like Saturday at 10 so I can have a morning to sleep 🙂 Evenings at 6 would work for me too…

          1. Jennifer

            Sleeping in on Saturday would be nice now that you mention it… Saturday would be the day!! 7am or 10am OR maybe both!!

  2. Heather

    Maybe daily suggestions of extra strength/accessory/skill work for people who want to do a little something extra after class so that we don’t end up doing something that is programmed for a day or two down the line.

    1. RobbyZ

      Great call Heather. This is something we are going to do soon as we will be setting up a 12-16 week strength and oly program. We will post what strength lifts will be programmed during the week so you dont double dip. Hopefully this will help

    1. RobbyZ

      Im in it to win it! We need to find more times for swim wods. What times on sunday would people like??

      1. Rette

        I think sundays will be nearly impossible to do if theyre at our pool since itll be packed, esp during the summer 🙁

    1. RobbyZ

      Before we get into why we dont program this type of time domain more frequently it is important for everyone to know how our programming works. It is complicated but to summarize we do (per week) 1 short/fast (less than 5min), 1 5-10min, 1 10-15min, 1 15min, 1 20min+, and always one stand alone heavy/strength WOD per week with additional strength mixed in. These time domains are constantly varied which is what CrossFit demands. Each time domain elicits a different response on your body: short/fast (explosive power), long/slower (endurance), strength (neuroendocrine adaptations). If we emphasize our programming in the 15-30min range then we are not doing CrossFit. Biasing this time domain is what i like to call “Bootcamp wanna be CrossFit” and it can lead toincreased cortisol levels and over training. I have heard this in my seminars as well as via Robb Wolff podcasts. I will try to find some literature on it to share but it basically breaks your body down in the wrong way.
      I dont encourageknow it butto this may be something we can add as “supplemental” work for those people who want it

  3. Kevin Montoya

    Make Coach Seel, Doran, and Foust all go tanning! Careful with Thomas though because redheads burn easy 🙂

    1. RobbyZ

      The ginger tanning booth is on order since Thomas and i cant be in the sun for more than 33 sec

      Haha thanks for the note Kevin and hope all is well for you out on the east coast!

        1. Rachel S.

          Josh and I just laughed after reading Kevin’s comment. 🙂 hope all is well Kevin. We miss you ! Let’s have mr. Montoya come back to alpine for a visit 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    incorporate a bigger variety of movements like ghd sit ups or hip extensions or other movements that don’t come up that often

    more core work, that part of me is never as sore as the rest of me

    1. RobbyZ

      Totally agree.
      This is 100% an equipment limitation. We only have one solid gdh and two that are so-so. We do our best to fit them in during chippers because of class volume.
      A great way to add them in is to incorporate them into your warm ups and burn outs. 50 ghd for time is always a great one 🙂

    2. Trish

      Please remember too that anytime you are lifting ANY weight it is a core workout!! Just because you don’t “feel” it, doesn’t mean it isn’t working or getting stronger!

  5. Jennifer

    Variety – it has been months since I have seen stuff like tire flips, sledgehammer, battle-ropes and tire throws in the weekday WOD’s. They might have shown up on Saturday, but I would like to see some fun stuff like this in the M-F WODs.

    More of the easy on/off weight clips – I think we only have seven.

    At least two 20# slam balls that don’t deposit sand everywhere.

    1. RobbyZ

      Awesome stuff thank you Jennifer!

      We will try to work those movements in more during the m-f wods. We are just limited by equipment. Chippers always work best with these.
      20# slam balls are on the wish list. Our first generation 20#ers have slowly deteriorated ….
      The muscle clamp easy on collars we have break often and are very expensive ($40/pair). Theyare actually losing their mojo too as they are not holding plates as

      1. RobbyZ

        Whoops…they are not holding bumpers as well and are becoming dangerous when bailing a barbell from overhead or dropping with 10s. Rougue fitness makes some solid easier clips which i may look into purchasing in bulk

  6. Jilly Bean

    We need more bands, 12lb wall balls, slam balls. It appears that chicks out number dudes at Alpine so keep the chick equipment coming. Word! More rowers would be awesome too!

    1. RobbyZ

      I’ve had that 12# wall ball on our wish list….will get it!
      What # slam balls?
      Last week we got 2 more York womens bars and 3 blue bands, 6 red bands and 6 purple bands

      1. Jilly Bean

        20# that don’t leak. Lighter KB for movements where 35# is too heavy. We have been running short on green bands lately in am class.

        Capping class sizes or adding an additional coach to larger class times.

        Clearly a lot of effort & time is spent programming. I appreciate that u & Trish come up with unique programming & don’t just follow the main site. I think the lifting days are important. Please keep them in the programming.

        PS-thanks for asking all of us for input.

  7. Wade Vogt

    More running and running drills. Some middle distance running (800m – 1 mile) mixed in with the WODs once in a while as a buy-in or buy-out would be great.

    1. RobbyZ

      Good call Wade and thank you! This is something we can supplement into your training as well as others looking for an endurance bias with the triathlon and running season upon us. I love the idea of hitting a 1k run immediately after a s met-con (as long as it doesnt decrease your power output during the met con)

      I aslo agree that in general we need some longer runs in our programming

  8. Tim Osborn

    Gosh! I don’t understand why the gym can’t be all things to all people 😉
    I have been waiting for a eating bacon and drinking beer wod and it never seems to happen!
    Seriously though one thing that could help some people is if you knew that certain types of workouts could be on certain days. I kind of like the aspect of you have to do whatever is programmed for that day but if you can’t make it every day or you do other activities as well you could plan your week a little. For example, if I do a 50 mile bike ride one day, I probably don’t want to come in and do a 30 minute chipper the next day. I’m not sure if that would work but I have done that and wound up being pretty wrecked for 3 or 4 days afterwards.

  9. Rachel S.

    I would be interested on oly/lifting classes. Also maybe more one on one coaching time. Since summer is upon us, maybe getting together as a gym and grilling post wod

  10. Weezy

    Showers maybe, I’m so close that it would be nice to catch a noon wod and get back to work.
    Bidet maybe?
    Carpeted bathrooms?
    Just kidding about the last two.
    I wanted to add that I love the new gym and other than a few equipment situations I have no complaints. Maybe update the posters in the mens bathroom with some hot Crossfit/fitness girls!!!!
    Thanks Robby and staff!

  11. anonymous

    I’m a newer member to Crossfit, so a lot of the moves are new to me. I have really enjoyed the skill work and having it be apart of class. I always love get together, especially with summer coming up. Maybe planning some hikes or having a day at the lake? I have really enjoyed Alpine, the people and the great workouts!

  12. Kelsea

    More strong man equipment…especially atlas stones!!! 😉 More WODs outdoors by utilizing the south end of the building; More than 1 coach during larger classes?; And last but not least, more BBQs/beer drinking!!!

      1. Anonymous Non-Rhonda Person

        Hey Girls! I told Robby our idea about switching the members WOD to 9:00. He told me to shut up and go home.

  13. Runner

    I like to run 20 – 30 miles per week. Does running take away from or compliment the work I am doing at Alpine?