Friday 4-8-2011


Friday 4-8-2011

NEW 8:30am class today.  8:00am and 9:00am classes tomorrow.
Run 1 mile as fast as humanly possible!
Then 4 rounds for max reps, 30sec on/30sec off of:
Handstand push-ups
KB Swing 75/55
Hollow rocks



Its as simple as studying the photos, right!?  In today’s classes you will learn how to become a more efficient and ultimately faster runner with no injuries.  Please watch yesterday’s video that was posted to get a head start on tomorrow’s classes.  We will spend approximately 30min to learn about the SKILL of running.  Expect to see this in future Friday classes as well because we will need much more time to change a life-time of poor running habits.  Who knows, some of you may actually start to LIKE running!!!