Friday 4-29-11


Friday 4-29-11

WOD: 1 Round For Time:
400m Run
40 Wall Ball
40 Floor Wipers 95/65
300m Run
30 Wall Ball
30 Floor Wipers
200m Run
20 Wall Ball
20 Floor Wipers
100m Run
10 Wall Ball
10 Floor Wipers

We are going to have a nutrition seminar this Saturday at 10:00am at the gym.  We will address the quality and quantities of food consumption, strategies for success, and guidelines for our new challenge.  Come in and get your sweat-on at the 8 or 9am class, bring a post-WOD snack, and then stay for some quality knowledge.  Please bring friends, co-workers and family!

12-week challenge:
Thanks to the inspiration of Mr. Scott Bergeron, many people have expressed interest in starting another nutrition challenge.  Thus, on Monday May 2nd, we will start a 12-week Paleo/Zone challenge for everyone to participate in.  We really would like everyone to join in!

Guidelines for the 12-week Paleo/Zone Challenge

  • We want everyone to be involved in this potentially life-changing opportunity.  Before you commit to this challenge, we would like you to write an essay about how and why you want to do this. This essay include:
    • Why you want to do this (mental/physical health, get off medications, family history of illness/cancer, gain more energy, improve your performance, inspire others, etc)
    • How you will succeed during these 12-weeks (Cook lunches on Sundays, grocery shop 2 times/week, make others know not to tempt you, etc)
    • What problems you expect to encounter (weaknesses, cravings, traveling, parties, eating out, etc) and strategies for eliminating these.
    • How your family members, loved ones, co-workers, and friends will be involved during these 12 weeks.
    • Describe how frequently you plan to workout during these 12 weeks and outline your physical and body compositional goals/expectations (drop 30lbs of body fat, increase your 1RM deadlift by 10%, decrease your “Fran” time, etc)
    • Essay is due MONDAY May 2nd by 7pm via hard-copy or email.
  • Must keep a food log throughout the 12 week challenge and show your coaches weekly.
    • Strictly weigh and measure your food for 4 weeks.
  • Cheat meals/cheat days
    • Zero for the first 4 weeks.
  • Weigh-in every two weeks with a coach at Alpine.
  • $50 deposit
    • Will be 100% returned at the conclusion of the 12 weeks
    • If you completely “fall off the wagon,” then this will be donated to the Alpine CrossFit equipment fund.
    • You are “falling off of the wagon” if you do not bring in your completed food log once every week.

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