Friday, 4-26-2013


Friday, 4-26-2013

8:00am Gymnastics class held at 5280 Gymnastics East of 44th and Ward Road; ~$10 to attend; meet at 5280 not ACF; it will be between 60-90min; we already have 15 Alpiners committed! Rad!
9:00am Free class at Alpine
10:00am An additional free class at Alpine
9:00am-12:00pm Open Gym at Alpine
Friday WOD
Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3
*Hold the bar on your back for 20sec before performing the reps, then hold it for another 20sec after completing the third rep (similar to some fun BS
Overhead squat 3×5
For time:
300 Double unders
*Every broken set, perform one wall walk (nose to wall)
If you don’t have double unders:
Six rounds for time:
20 Tuck jumps
1 Wall wall (nose to wall)
Then practice DU’s post-WOD for 8min
Oly room
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has helped transform our Oly/North Room!!  We still have a few things to finish up but a lot of time (especially by Josh!) has been put into this over the week.  Enjoy everyone!!!

2 Responses

  1. Emily

    DU were a bit rough today but thanks for the help robby! They definitely improved with your advice. I’m apparently due for a new one-rep back squat determination 🙂

  2. robbyz

    Great work Emily!!! Yes you are def due to re-do your 1RM back squat since you just did it 3x today with the holds. Very impressive!!