Friday, 4-1-2016


Friday, 4-1-2016

Shout out to Damien who is heading to MASTER’S NATIONALS Friday morning.  …yes….a NATIONAL meet!!  He will lift on Sunday and we will have more details soon about the LIVE STREAM for his session.
Workout of the Day
Leisurely spend 20min just KILLING IT on the elliptical
3×10 DB flys
3×10 DB lateral raises
400×10 sets of various bicep curls (while watching yourself in the mirror…duh)
3×10 on some kind of machine you’ve never even seen but act like you know what you’re doing #ownit
3×10 Calf raises (for “legs” of course)
*Rx+ Option: Do your curls in the one and only squat rack in the gym
*Rx++ Option:  Walk around the gym for 8min between sets and definitely don’t talk to anyone

COMPARE YOUR SCORES TO WEDNESDAY 4-1-2015 and  SUNDAY 4-1-2012 and FRIDAY 4-1-2011


Sound familiar to everyone?!  We aren’t hating, we just hope you are enjoying your time more now with a fun community and program with us at ACF.  Happy April Foolio day =P


Workout of the Day

5 sets, alternating with 60sec rest between sets
A) Floor Press 3×5 reps
B) Barbell Bent Over Row 3×5 reps
15 Minute AMRAP
10 Push Press 115/80
20 Deadlift 115/80
30 Double Unders
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.