Friday 4-1-2011


Friday 4-1-2011

Today’s WOD
Warm up with 20min on the Elliptical while reading “Shape” magazine.
Not for time:
10-10-10 Barbell bicep curls
10-10-10 Hammer curls
10-10-10 Preacher curls
10-10-10 Cable tricep extensions
10-10-10 Lateral dumbbell raises
10-10-10 Dumbbell chest flys
10-10-10 Leg extensions
10-10-10 Calf raises
30 Crunches
Key notes for today’s WOD: Be sure to rest at least a few minutes between each set, walk to the drinking fountain 45 times, grunt as loud as possible, talk to NO ONE, blast really loud pump-up music in your headphones, check yourself out in the mirrors at least 14 times, size everyone up before,during, and after your workout, and go home and brag that you just worked out for 2 hours.

Ohhhh snap I know we got you!  Now come on in today for a great partner WOD with rope climbs, tire flips, slam ball throws w/ running, and thrusters.
The workout above probably looks familiar to everyone.  What did your workouts consist of before you started CrossFit??  Post your answers to comments!
We will be doing the CrossFit Open WOD #2 tomorrow.  Remember, we have 8am and 9am classes tomorrow; no 10am class. We have a few athletes who will be coming in to submit a score for this workout for the CrossFit Games Open competition.  Those who are competing may be asked to judge other athletes which will require more than one round performed in each 60min class.  You are not required to compete and you can still modify as needed, we are just giving you a heads-up for the modified class structure.  We also encourage you to bring friend’s and family in and try this workout.  It will be a fun little Saturday morning!
There is Open Gym 10am-12pm Sunday.
CrossFit Evergreen Grand Opening Saturday at 2pm!

5 Responses

  1. Wo

    I’m so relieved to see a WOD where my shape-up shoes will come in handy! APRIL FOOLS DAY is going to be a blast this year!! Get me UP THAT ROPE!!!

  2. Tracy Cooper

    If you guys were the shoes and shape-up shorts, I will not talk to you and will use my IPOD so I can’t talk to anyone today.

  3. RobbyZ

    Tracy I’m with you on that one. Ear phones on, head looking down! And Chris its gotta be Bi’s and Back on Monday and Chest/Tri’s and calves Tuesday…my bad!