Saturday, 3-10-2012


Saturday, 3-10-2012

*Only one 8:00am class today, Alpiners.  Please come cheer our athletes on during the Open WOD starting at 10:00am!
Athletes please arrive no later than 9:00am to fill out a waiver, get warmed up, and sign up for a heat. You must also sign up to judge a minimum of 1-2 heats.  We will have between 8-10 people per heat.
Heats: 10:00am, 10:30am, 11:00am, 11:30am, 12:00pm, (12:30pm if needed)
Standards will be given at 9:45am.
Please be ready 5min before your heat starts and have set-up and talked with your judge.
We must be finished by 1:00pm because we have a CPR class starting then.
Paleo Wagon will be available from 7:30am-12:30pm.  They will have a Brunch menu for us (eggs, paleo pancakes, sausage, burgers).  $7.50 per plate (25% off regular price).  Please bring cash but CC’s are welcome too. Simply Pure Nutrients will also be on hand with product and samples.
8:00am Class:  Scaled WOD 12.3
18min AMRAP
15 Box jumps (Old school standard)
12 Push press/push jerk 95/65
9 Toes to bar
(Yes its late but this is new and we’re hoping/planning to continue this tradition.  This is something I have wanted to do for a while to honor Alpine athletes as well as local athletes.  Weekly nominations welcome!!)

Tom Ashby during one of his 113 reps of Open WOD 12.1

Many of you may not know Tom and then some of you may know him well from local competitions and epic hang out sessions.  Tom is a coach at CrossFit Lakewood.  He sports an incredible beard and is very passionate about CrossFit.  He even knows how to read and write:
The reason why I wanted to feature Tom today is because he always strives to be 100% legit.  Tom consistently posts videos of his workouts and ALWAYS posts his competition WODs.  He does not post them to say “Hey look at how good I am!” or “check out what I can do!” but rather to say “Hey watch me and make sure my range of motion is legit.  If not please tell me. I would also appreciate any advice you have.”  Classy!  He maintains a cool and calm demeanor about his performances and is always looking to get better 
In my opinion, we need more athletes to follow Tom’s lead.  Athletes who day in and day out strive for legitimacy and integrity and who embrace the sport of CrossFit.  
If you’ve got 18min to kill, HERE is a link to Tom’s attempt #1 at WOD 12.3.  Check out his pacing and range of motion.  Here is also a link to Tom’s blog with his advice for WOD 12.3 (worth watching!)
So with this said….if and when you get “no repped” today please know that your judge is simply preserving the integrity of CrossFit.  If you are operating at the intensity which CrossFit demands, then you may unintentionally get no repped from time to time. Its not that judges don’t like you when they call one, its just that they have high respect for our sport. No one wants to get no repped…it hurts the ego, makes you frustrated, and now you have to do another rep of whatever shit storm was just thrown at you.  However, being judged properly makes you legit and being no repped makes you a better athlete.  Period.  Thus, be sure to thank your judges today and whenever you compete.

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