Friday, 3-15-2013


Friday, 3-15-2013

Happy birthday to a part-time member of Alpine CrossFit, Tommy Flanagan!!  Tommy is Sarah’s brother and some of you may have seen him on Tues/Thurs evenings training with us (you may have seen him do 50+ inch WEIGHTED box jumps).  He’s a very talented athlete as he just spent the weekend at the BSN Collegiate Showcase which is similar to the NFL Combine Camp but with Canadian League, AFL Indoor scouts as well as some NFL scouts too.  You can check out his numbers via the link above but some of his highlights include a 4.5sec 40m dash and a 36″ vertical jump!!  Tommy We are proud of you dude and hope you enjoy your birthday.  Hope the phone is ringing off the hook with you for interested teams & coaches!!
Alpine also helped sponsor Tommy for a portion of his trip to the Combine.  You may have seen the updates via Facebook but here’s a shot of him repping his ACF gear at the camp:
Tommy F
Let’s get outside and enjoy the nice weather!
Five Rounds For Time:
12 Behind the neck Thrusters 95/65
7 Handstand pushups
300m Run
Mandatory 60sec rest after each round (included in total time)

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  1. Emily

    Wish I could have made it today – I love me some handstand push-ups! But alas, thought I ought to rest up for the fun of 13.2.