Friday, 2-3-2012


Friday, 2-3-2012

Press w/ bands 5×3
For time:
Power snatch 95/65
Double undersx2

CrossFit Eminence Winter WODfest competitors. Not pictured is Kopp, Seabass, and Doyle

COMPETITORS!!  Here is another online competition for who is interested.  See below for more details.  WODs will be released tomorrow afternoon.  There will be 2 WODs Saturday and 1 WOD Sunday.  We will plan to have the first Saturday event at 11:00am.  You are welcome to do the first WOD on your own in the morning as well.  See your coaches tomorrow for more details.

The RokFit Cyber Series is a series of 3 events put together in a 2 day format on Feb. 4th & 5th 2012.
Treated just like a weekend competition!

Registration is $9.99 for anybody who would like to compete.

Everybody that signs up gets prizes/discounts!

1st place Male and Female will get $1 each per registrant in the competition. So if 500 people sign up, each get $500 and if 5,000 people sign up, each get $5,000! So spread the word as the more that sign up, the more prize money we give out!

1st Place Male and Female will also get a Sponsorship from RokFit!

Workouts will be posted 24 hours before event day with a standards video explaining each movement.

There will be a total of 3 workouts in 2 days. 2 Workouts on day 1, and the 3rd on day two.
Workouts must be submitted by midnight of each event day to count.

WODs will be pretty standard, classic, CrossFit WODs, so don’t worry about not having the right equipment for it or off the wall random skills.

Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir are not signed up “yet”… So you’ve got a chance! Sign up, have fun, and treat it like any other competition, you never know what might happen!

You will need to video your workout and post to youtube and send us the link to it, or the video can be sent to us. Your video must show a close up of equipment used and a time clock visible or stopwatch shown to camera with no cuts or edits in the entire video.

More info to be posted soon on their site

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