Friday, 12-9-2011


Friday, 12-9-2011

Day 96 of 100 burpees.  Sharla, Dre, and Weezy you’re almost there!
13min AMRAP
2 Muscle-ups
4 Stone to shoulder 115/70
8 KB Swing 70/55
*We will sub 3x ring dips for muscle-ups


Attention Tomorrow’s Weightlifting Athletes!

Thank you all for registering for our Holiday Weightlifting Meet!  We are super pumped to have you and we are excited to put on a fun show for everyone.

Here is the schedule for Saturday:
11:15am-12:00:  Registration: athlete body marking/number-ing, weigh-in, providing opening Snatch and Clean and Jerk weight and “goal” weight for each lift that you would like to hit on Saturday.  Please DO NOT show up to register at 11:59!
12:10pm:  Athlete meeting with head judge John Hines
1:00pm: First lift (ladies first then men to follow)
Approximately 6:00pm: Awards

Men: 200lbs and over, 199-175lbs, 174lbs and under
Women: 126lbs and over, 125lbs and under

Other notes:
– The Paleo Wagon will be on hand all day with great healthy food for everyone at $10/plate.  They cater most CrossFit events around Colorado and do an exceptional job.
– Weigh-ins and weights will be recorded in “pounds”.  (sorry metric system, we will do better in the future!)
– We will be using Hi-Temp bumper plates and Pendlay NextGen bars, women and men specific bars.  We will have a full warm-up room with everything you need (including these bars) to get ready for your lifts.  The competition room will be separate.
– Judges will have white/red paddles for good/bad lifts.  We will also have a clock on the wall for athletes and judges to see during 1 or 2min windows during attempts.

– Singlets are not required but judges must be able to see your knees and elbows.
– This is not a USAW sanctioned event.  However, we are following USAW rules and any questions can be clarified during the Athlete Meeting starting at 12:10pm.  You must read these rules before Saturday:
– We will have awards for 1st 2nd 3rd place in each category

Please let us know if you have any questions that can be answered before Saturday.