Friday, 11-6-2015


Friday, 11-6-2015

Below is one of the many impressive lifts from this heavy week.  Here’s a few reasons why:
1) According to Coach Dylan, this is a near National Level qualifying lift in Megan’s weight class.  Yes, NATIONAL.
2) She made it look easy.
3) With a little work this lift has A LOT more room for improvement.  Two hunnette soon.
4) She made it look REALLY easy.
and, 5) It nearly made Coach Jen go into a freak-out-Woman-crush-coma!! lol

Congrats on the PR, Ms Markee =]



Workout of the Day
Today is a Strength MAKE UP DAY.  Catch up on something you missed this week:
Monday – Front Squat
Tuesday – Clean & Jerk
Wednesday – Back Squat
Thursday – Power Snatch
*Be sure to add your score to the WHITEBOARD under the according day this week.
*We will be starting a de-load week next week with additional emphasis on conditioning. Stay tuned…
5 rounds for time:
7 squat cleans 155/105
14 Pull-ups


Post your results to the Whiteboard.