Friday 11-30-2012


Friday 11-30-2012

For Time:
Wall Walks 2-4-6-4-2 rx= nose to wall
Ball Slam 20-40-60-40-20 40/30#
Dead lift 2-4-6-4-2 275/185#
Get signed up for the Holiday Weightlifting meet!!


Alpine CrossFit Holiday Weightlifting Meet

2nd Annual Alpine CrossFit Holiday Weightlifting Meet

Date: 12/15/2011
Address: Alpine CrossFit  12090 W 50th Place 80033
Schedule: 11:30am-12:30pm Check in & weigh in; 12:30pm athlete meeting; Women’s first lift at 1:00pm; Women’s awards 10min after the final lift; Men’s first lift will be 10min after the completion of the Women’s awards (~3:30pm); Men’s awards 10min after the final lift.

****UPDATED*****  Weight Classes will follow proper USAW categories but in Pounds (lbs)

MEN: -170lbs (170.00lbs & Under); 187lbs (170.01-187.00lbs); 207lbs (187.01-207.00lbs); 231lbs (207.01-231.00lbs); +231lbs (231.01lbs & Over)

WOMEN: -128lbs (128.00lbs & Under); 139lbs (128.01-139.00lbs); 152lbs (139.01-152.00lbs); 165lbs (152.01-165.00lbs); +165lbs (165.01lbs & Over)

Just in time for the Holidays….Alpine CrossFit is hosting a weightlifting meet!

As CrossFitters, many of us have dabbled in Olympic weightlifting but have never truly competed in the sport.  Now you can!    This event will provide a more casual atmosphere for everyone to Snatch and Clean & Jerk while getting a good feel for a true weightlifting meet.  We will have judges, stage, weight changers, warm-up room, and all the butterflys that come with competing.  We plan on having experienced seasoned Oly athletes as well as many first timers.  We will provide a fun time for everyone and hope to see a lot of PR’s!

Quick notes for this event:
– This is NOT a USAW sanctioned event
– NO SINGLETS are required.  However, your elbows and knees must be visible to the judges.
– Weight belts are allowed but may not exceed 4? wide
– We will have weight classes for men and women which will be finalized on the day of competition.  Please register with your estimated weight (in lbs) on competition day so we have a rough outline of competitors per class.  You will have the option to weigh in on competition day in your underwear – you will not have to wear your competition clothing as previously mentioned for the weigh in.

– Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 male and top 3 female athletes in each class.
– We will be following USAW technical rules.  Please see link below for more details.

– You will have three attempts at the Snatch & Clean and Jerk.  Just like last year, we will honor a 4th attempt (which does NOT count towards your total – only as a personal best) for $5.00.  This 4th attempt money will be put towards refreshments for a post-event hang out session.

– You will weigh in at registration and will be required to provide your opening lift Snatch weight and Clean & Jerk weight.

– This event will be in POUNDS and not in KILOS.


Much more information about rules and how this event will be run can be found via the link below.  If you are competing, it is imperative that you read this:

Registration deadline is Wednesday Dec, 12th at midnight.  Enrollment will be capped at 60 athletes.  There are no refunds if you cannot make the event.  You may substitute your position up until Dec 12th at midnight.

This event will last most of the afternoon. Paleo Wagon will be at the event for some great food!

Please stay tuned to our website ( and to email for updates.  Leave a note, call (303-263-2997) or email ([email protected]) for any questions.



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