Friday, 11-11-11!


Friday, 11-11-11!

15min AMRAP
Movement X
Movement Y
Movement Z

You saw it here first! A Tebowing and Oly lifting couplet from a couple weeks ago.

What is a goat?!  A goat is something you HATE to see programmed in a WOD. You might freak out when its announced in a competition WOD or it is something that deters you from coming in to WOD when you see it posted on the site.  These may even be movement(s) which keep you from entering CrossFit competitions.  Here are just a few common goats: muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, double unders, running, handwalking, KB squat snatch, kipping toes to bar, pistols, etc etc etc. They can also be on a more “macro” level and range from a heavy to a light WOD, high reps to low reps, and/or long or short duration.  A goat can also be a skill you want to master.  Regardless, goats are simply weaknesses and they must be eliminated in order for you to become a better athlete.

We will program your WOD individually as you walk in the door.  Then you will mobilize and warm-up on your own, and then re-group and hit the AMRAP together.

There are 7 of us competing in the Turkey Challenge at MBS next Saturday (Sharla, Rachel S, Kelsea, Bryan, Chris W, Matt K, Robby) and you better make it in for this one!  You all have been working hard on your weaknesses and now its time for you to throw a few into an AMRAP.

Tomorrow’s 8am WOD movements are: muscle ups, handstand push-ups, burpees, and heavy kettlebell swings.  We normally would NEVER release this info but because of today’s “attack your weaknesses WOD” and our new Saturday morning format (see yesterday’s post), we feel that it is very necessary.  Please keep tomorrow’s movements in mind when you are planning your goats today and if you plan to train tomorrow.


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