Friday, 1-8-2016


Friday, 1-8-2016

You know I always post really important stuff here like updates, events, birthdays, schedules, etc etc….

Well, add another to the list….

Yes, this one’s a little weird too….

The Luke vs. Pancake beard growing contest since they started August 1st….


Jimmy has a slight lead…

But I believe in the Andro to catch up….

I will keep you all updated on their beard-grow-off status….


Workout of the Day
10min Handstand & Handstand Push-up progressions & practice. Spend time getting inverted!
TWO Rounds for time:
5 Muscle-Ups (sub 5 strict pull-ups)
30 KB Goblet Squats 55/35
30 Push-ups
5 Muscle-Ups
30 KB Snatches 55/35 (15 per arm)
30 Double Unders
5 Muscle-Ups
30 Toes To Bar
30 KB Lunges 55/35
*Rest 3min then begin 2nd round*
*Time = Total running time including the 3min rest
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.