Friday 1-07-2011


Friday 1-07-2011

Goat WOD
Solid over head squats, Pete.
Something quick to think about: are you proud of your overall CrossFit technique?  In other words, would you be willing to showcase your over head squat, hang squat snatch, hspu, double unders, etc etc etc to a room full of veteran CrossFitters?  Why or why not??  Which exercises would you be absolutely dread to demonstrate?  We can all fire off several of these exercises/movements and these are considered our “goats”.  Goats are essentially weaknesses.  They are also things you hate to see programmed in a WOD or would rather not demo for others and thus you need more practice at it.  Today you will get that practice as your trainer will create a customized “Goat WOD” for you.  Pony up and lets become better athletes today.

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