Gym Classes and Programs



In this group CrossFit class, participants will be lead by expert coaches through several phases of fitness: a dynamic warm-up, mobility & skill drills, a strength portion comprised of Olympic or power lifting, and the workout of the day “WOD”. The WOD consists of the conditioning aspect of the class which completes this power packed hour!



Physical Therapy

We are proud to host Max Effort Rehab–one of the only practices on the Front Range offering 60 minute sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. These sessions are great for preventative care, movement analysis, rehabilitation from injury, and performance improvement.



Personal Training

Private Coaching or Personal Training is one training option available at Alpine CrossFit. A majority of our members participate in our group CrossFit classes while some prefer the one-on-one attention to receive many advantages to developing their training.



Open Gym & Access 24/7

Through our secure app, members have the flexibility to enter our gym at times convenient to their individual schedule. This affordable addition to your membership gives you unlimited access to Alpine.

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Kids Class

CrossFit Kids focuses on foundational movement patterns, providing children with a portion of their prescribed exercise for the week, improving muscular fitness, and engineering endless opportunities for success – all while keeping the class and its information fun and engaging. This class is offered for kids ages 6-12 on Saturday mornings at 8AM.



Olympic Lifting

We offer a Weightlifting specific class on Saturday mornings at 7AM. This class is open to newbies as well as seasoned lifters. This hour long class focuses on the skill necessary to perform the clean & jerk and the snatch. You will also find the Olympic lifts in our CrossFit classes. We have a platform for those athletes interested in our open gym access.



We offer an endurance class on Wednesdays at 630 AM. This class is great for those interested in developing aerobic capacity. This is great for those individuals that run, do obstacle course, mountain bike, cycling, or swimming events. We set the barbell aside and focus on those things needed to grind through longer efforts.


Remote Programming

We offer 3 programs for those individuals that aren’t able to train with us in person. Those programs are for athletes that need more volume, those looking to have programming designed for their individual needs, as well as those looking to improve their aerobic capacity.


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