CROSSFIT AND ANTHOS: Monday, 7-30-2012


CROSSFIT AND ANTHOS: Monday, 7-30-2012

Alpine Members! This is important for you to know as we are all needing to get more educated on the potential buy-out of 50% of CrossFit by Anthos (Venture Capitalists).  There is quite a bit of info circulating on Facebook and on the CrossFit Forum about the topic too.  It’s difficult to draw any conclusions until we get more info but we wanted to post so you can learn with us.  All of this is very raw to me right now and not sure how to process it.  I have been glued to Fbook and the forum thread and will be until we figure out the future of CrossFit.  For now…
I personally think that VC’s have NO PLACE in the CrossFit community. 
Here’s a message from Coach Greg Glassman, Founder/CEO of CrossFit (and the OTHER 50% owner).  This is reassuring but I’m not sure how much control he has over the deal.
Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting to comments below.
Now on to the important stuff!!
Cycle #3 Week #1 (We will be testing your new 1RM’s in 4 weeks from today!)
Back Squat 3×5  +5/+2.5
Press  3×5  +2.5/+1.5
7min AMRAP
Burpee pull-ups (bar is 6″ above reach)
7min AMRAP
**Burpee jumping pull-ups

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  1. DrDave

    This is Glassman’s comments. Pretty strong stuff.

    I agree with the sentiments expressed on Facebook and on the Crossfit board. Everyone has to like Glassman’s post on FB and scream out against Anthos. The value of Crossfit to Anthos is us, the members. Without us, they pay $20 million for a bunch of rusting iron. Show them we won’t play if they pay.


    The existential threat to affiliates resides in the $20,000,000 desire to control them. Bryan Kelly made the Anthos intent painfully clear to a room full of CF Staff Tuesday May 10, 2011, from 6:30-7:00 pm in the Tony Gwynn suite at the Omni Hotel in San Diego, California. Jeff and Miki Martin, Dave Castro, Brian Mulvaney, Karianne Dickson, Dale Saran, Tony Blauer, and I were present. There, Bryan Kelly explained in clear and concise terms that we were leaving billions of dollars on the table with our current affiliate relationship. We all remember lines like, “Every time I go into GNC, you are losing money”. The talk, and several of us have heard it several times and on two coasts, revolved around “money left on the table”. We are well acquainted with the Anthos plan and Bryan Kelly’s intent. We’ve been preparing for this for almost a year.

    Make no mistake about it, Anthos wants an equity share of CF in order to gain control of the affiliates. I stand squarely in the way. From the start, our promise to the affiliates has been to minimize rent extraction while providing the best education, protection, and brand development possible. Bryan Kelly sees 4,000 independently owned and operated gyms as 4,000 potential points of sale. The Anthos approach is short-term, rapacious, dishonest, entirely destructive of our culture, and toxic to the affiliates.

    Anthos will NOT end up with an equity share in CrossFit. They’re holding a losing hand and will eventually come to terms with that fact. I’m honored to fight this fight and consider the opportunity and responsibility to lead the affiliates as the most significant facet of my life. None of it is for sale – at any price. I don’t care what this costs or how long it takes, we will keep our affiliates free.

    1. Without witness of the ownership agreement between the joint owners, it is difficult to predict as to what will transpire.

      A proper joint operating agreement should of been, and I hope is already, put into place upon the severance of ownership. i.e. naming of operator, right of first refusal, corporate governance, etc.

      This agreement will protect both parties to keep the corporation in good standing.