Chilean Ski Fever – Day 5


Chilean Ski Fever – Day 5

Ski racing fans and CrossFit studs!
Here’s a video from yesterday (Day 5) and a few photos below too.  I will be posting more soon so stay tuned!
Also, we only have 2 days left….what else would you all like to see on video/photos?  Any questions about the Team, resort, coaching, schedule, or athletes?


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  1. Rachel S.

    Thanks for all the updates Robbie-it’s fun to see the scenery there and what all you are doing. How does one initially get to be on the US ski team?

  2. RobbyZ

    Rachel, it is somewhat of a complicated process to make the US Ski Team. To summarize, there are multiple levels of the Team (A, B, C, Development). A-Teamers are the studs – the veterans and the Olympians. They are consistently fast and always have a shot at the podium (top 3) or top-10 in every World Cup start they make. They have a solid spot in pretty much every World Cup event. B-Teamers have World Cup starts under their belt but have not produced a top-10 result. They are “scoring” World Cup points (ie top 30 results). C-Teamers are newcomers to the official US Ski Team. They are fighting for World Cup positions and have generally placed well at US Nationals (ie top 5 result in the Country). Development US Teamers are very promising young athletes who have qualified based on their FIS points (an international point scoring system) but they are not technically on the Team yet. Some B-Teamers, all C-teamers, and Development Team-ers are competitors in the Europa Cup circuit which is a step below the World Cup. They have to earn their way to the next level.
    Mouthful huh? Probably more than you want to hear but its a quick overview and I’m sure I missed a lot of legit qualifications for each level.
    Here is a list of our current US Ski Team:
    What up Dr. Dave! No, most of the effort of each member goes into their on snow training. They are basically doing 400m sprint and 500m row repeats all morning. Dryland is their “auxiliary” work (like what we do on a solo strength day). I do, however, wish I could run them through “Fran” or “Grace” or “Diane” and just an overall well rounded CrossFit program during their off-seasons. They would benefit tremendously from the athleticism and anaerobic work capacity that CrossFit demands. Not to mention the strength, power, speed, mobility, accuracy, coordination, stamina, balance, agility and cardio benefits which they can gain from CrossFit programming.

  3. mom z

    gotta love the guard dog. He looks really tough (at sleep). Hey how about a pair of skis or 2. Surely they would not be missed!

  4. Lily

    Mom Z,
    Are you missing Dad Z yet?!?! How many parties have you thrown in celebration? 🙂 Hope to see you down here or up in Steamboat soon!