Alpine Summer Shred Challenge Final Results


Alpine Summer Shred Challenge Final Results

6 Weeks of consistency, determination, and time-devotion is no easy task…

We’d like to extend a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all athletes who participated in our Alpine Summer Shred Challenge! In just 6-weeks athletes dropped pounds of body-fat, improved lean body mass, and had incredible attendance trying to earn extra points AND make strides in their fitness.

Although almost all athletes who participated saw improvements either in their BodyFat Testing or in their performances in classes, we’d like to highlight a few individuals for showing consistency and dedication on an incredible level:

  • ¬†Tonya: A PR machine in the past 6 weeks including obtaining kipping pull-ups which helped to her Rx finish of Fran & Helen during our Assessment week! All while maintaining great nutritional work and losing 3% Body-Fat in the process!
  • Molly Jo: Extremely consistent and hard-working in logging each and every week leading to a 3.5% drop in Body-Fat.
  • Jackie F: The largest drop in Body-Fat percentage of all participants with 5.4%!
  • Ben Zapp: Showed great consistency in and out of the gym resulting in a 3.2% drop in Body-Fat!
  • Kristmas: The most consistent and on-point with logging and obtaining all possible weekly points which helped result in a 2% drop and quite a few PR’s in the past few weeks!

If you see someone from the list above, be sure to give them a High-5 and “Congratulations” on a job well done!


A huge thank you to BodyFat Testing for getting us hooked up with her mobile dunk tank!