Alpine Foundations: New and Improved!


Alpine Foundations: New and Improved!

We are extremely excited to announce the debut of our new Foundations 1-on-1 Program! We are extremely excited for this new and improved program to help set up all new athletes with an even better foundation for success whether it be on their own or in our classes.

Upon making the first step into a CrossFit facility, new athletes are almost always introduced through a Foundations, Elements, or On-Ramping program. Our previous Foundations program was a 3-Session program covering all of the foundational movements of CrossFit (Air Squats, Press, etc…). It was a successful program but we wanted to give our incoming athletes more. More attention, more progression, and more knowledge to help their fitness journey both inside and outside of Alpine CrossFit.

Our New 1-on-1 Foundations Program was formed through a collaboration of our Coaching staff and outside health and wellness professionals who REALLY know their stuff. To help retain all the information the athletes will be introduced to, we created a new “Alpine Athlete Intro Manual” containing the entire curriculum for their personalized Foundations Program.

How it works:

  • Days 1 & 2 are our “Initial Assessment” Training Days. New athletes will participate in movement screenings as well as Assessment Workouts. These Assessments will help us understand how the athlete moves, where their fitness level is at, and the most critical areas for their development.
  • Days 3-6 are Personalized Foundations Programming. We take the information gained from our first 2 sessions and develop an amazing plan for each athlete. This include specific warm-ups, movement & skill progressions, workouts, cool-downs AND….homework (Fitness doesn’t exist for just 60 minute in a gym). These days are designed for the athlete to learn and progress without feeling overwhelmed or forced to fit into a standard program.

Whether you are a completely new athlete or seasoned athlete looking for reflection, this program will benefit ANYONE who participates! Reach out to [email protected] for more information or to sign-up!