About the Gym


Alpine CrossFit has been a cornerstone in our community, continually being recognized as one of the Top 10 gyms in state. This Regional recognition is no coincidence–our program and coaches transform our members through intense training. Our goal at Alpine is to instill confidence in all members, aspire them towards excellence, and celebrate all of their successes.

We work with everyone from elite athletes to recreational athletes, from stay at home moms to desk junkies, and from children to grandparents to redefine their notions of health, fitness, and athleticism via CrossFit methods.

We will tear you away from couches, dieting, and society’s ridiculous fitness fads and transform you into an educated and skilled machine. Whether you know it or not, you are already at some point on the CrossFit path to elite fitness. Make the commitment and we will believe in you unconditionally.

We have a very experienced coaching staff – over 30 years combined. All of our coaches range from two to 7+ years of logged experience at a Licensed CrossFit Affiliate. We are excited to teach you!

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