2014 Holiday Weightlifting Meet Results & Recap


2014 Holiday Weightlifting Meet Results & Recap

Click below for the 2014 Results:
2014 ACF Holiday WL Meet RESULTS
Thank you so much to all competitors who competed this year who have helped this become a popular annual event.  The 2014 meet sold out for the first time and we were unfortunately unable to get an additional 10 lifters entered from the waitlist.
And a HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers who gave up their Friday evening or all-day Saturday or Saturday evening to help!!!
Please visit www.facebook.com/ShaughnessyPhotography for all professional photography from the event.  Thank you Heather for your great work!!

Overall event re-cap.  In no particular order but a few things I wanted to give a shout out to…

1) We still keep getting a HUGE amount of FIRST TIME LIFTERS at this event which means more people are getting involved in the sport as well as pushing themselves out of their comfort zone on a stage with lots of eyeballs frozen to them.  Props to you all!!
2) Even though we run this event the same weekend as the American Open, we still have incredibly strong and experienced lifters competing at this event (see the results!).  Not that I don’t like some of you, but I hope we DON’T see you at the event in the future because you are competing in the American Open and John Carter this comment is definitely not posted for you!
3) I am SO PUMPED by the number of Women who competed this year!  I haven’t yet looked but it must be up 50% from last year.  In fact, during the early going of registration, the Female registrants OUTNUMBERED the Males by at least 3:2.  Props ladies =)
4) You have to admire an the focus of a Weightlifting athlete.  I swear you can feel the intensity and focus from each athlete as they put their hands on the bar.  You had every spectator on the edge of their seat.  Respect to all!!  Weightlifting meets are like the PGA tour….except really not boring awesome.
5) Thank you to those who donated to the OgarStrong fundraiser.  Our Alpine events will always include fundraising contributions to Kevin’s recovery efforts.  He has always cleaned up and destroyed everyone at our competitions been a supporter of our events as well.
6) Volunteers – Yeah, you guys killed it again!  Oh and yeah, for the second year in a row there were NO MISSED WEIGHT CHANGES or BAR MIS-LOADS.  #madlove
If you have recommendations for next year’s meet, please email them to [email protected] 

Recap of OUR ACF ATHLETES at this year’s event

1) I haven’t had a chance to talk to the four of you much (Ashley, IsherWIN, Morgan, and Cliff) and tell you this but you were ALL impressive and in different ways:
1A) ALL of our experienced lifters (Ish, Ashley, Cliff) hit MEET PR’s for their totals.  The feeling was completely different from past meets – when you guys walked onto the stage I KNEW and could FEEL that you were going to hit your lift. Your level of confidence was noticeable this year!   Especially IsherWHAT who has now earned the “IsherWIN” tag.  
1B) Ashley competed in a back-and-forth duel in the 63kg category with CrossFit South Denver’s own, Katie Mac, which was an epic-ly memorable battle where it literally came down to the last lift.  It was exciting to watch and be a part of and one of the top of the podium visits for our ACF athletes!  She also went 6 for 6 on her lifts!
1C) Cliff was our solo Male lifter wahh wahhhhhh dudes and went 5 for 6 with a PR in his C&J.  He was also in 4th place after the Snatch portion in a very competitive 85kg class.
1D) Oh yeah and Morgan for your first event you were incredible too =)  I admire how hard you worked leading up to the event as well as didn’t give up on your opening Snatch when you missed it….ummm…twice.  Impressive =) And we know we will see you up there again!
1E) ^^^^^^ Should all go sign up for USAW memberships.  Word?? WORD.
3) I thought Dylan did an incredible job coaching and calling the proper weights for our athletes (reason for #1B above too).  With only 4-8 weeks working with each athlete, he knew exactly where they were and how to adjust on the day-of the meet.  I think this provides a nice little testimonial for more of you to get on the platforms and sign up for meets and Derrick I’m definitely not calling you out either!! =)
That’s all.  Happy lifting. See you all next year!!